The software explores dose-response relationships using both monotonic and non-monotonic
models, and estimates the associated dose-response curves, which can further be used to obtain
various important parameters such as IC50, EC50, ED50, LD50, Km, Vmax, and AUC. The tool can be
used for hormesis dose response curves. In toxicology, hormesis is a special dose response feature
characterized by low dose stimulation and high dose inhibition. Furthermore, the tool can model
U-shaped dose response relationships frequently observed in toxicology and epidemiology studies.
Core Features

Data Upload, Review And Select

PKPDBIOS allows users to upload their local data file to server and review their data on the WEB browser. and users can arbitrary select a column from the uploaded data file as dosage level or response.
Data Outliers Checking, Pre-Statistic and Display

Once users select their dose/reponse data set to server, PKPDBIOS will display dose/reponse curve, some statistic value like mean, standard deviation, variance, etc. This will help user find outline data to delete or modify easily.
Montonicity Test And Model Verify

PKPDBIOS can test whether dose-response curve is monotonic or not. It also verify whether dose-response model (like liner, quadratic, orthogonal polynomials, exponential, liner in log-dose) is appropriate. PKPDBIOS can calculate the following values:
Multiple Calculations

PKPDBIOS will run important calculations: IC50 calculation for high-throughput inhibition assays. Km or Vmax calculation for high-throughput enzyme kinetics assays. EC50 calculation for high-throughput ligandbindin assays. Half-life calculation for high-throughput activity decay assays. High-throughput non-monotonic-response assays.
Users Friendly Interface and Robust Backend Software

GUI Interfaces for integrating to database and web-servers. Command line for calling by scripts. Save fitting curves as commonly used format such as JPEG, PDF, TIFF files. Java application supports most systems. Customization to meet customer's needs.
PKPDBIOS cloud services are hosted in the AWS cloud environment. Services are offered in three options: a Quarterly Subscription Service, an Annual Subscription Service, and advanced On-Demand Services.