Pharmacodynamics and
Bioassay Studies

An Novel Data Software Tool

This software tool provides a novel approach applicable to fit general pharmacologic, toxicology, or other biomedical data, that may exhibit a non-monotonic dose-response relationship for which the current parametric models fail.
360 Degree Features

Models Finding And Monotonic Testing
Test whether dose-response curve is monotonic or not.
Verify whether a specific dose-response model is appropriate when the curve is monotonic.
Assist to find initial values for fitting sigmoidal models.
Multiple Calculations
PKPDBIOS facilitates IC50, EC50, ED50, LD50, Km, Vmax, and AUC, etc calculations and graphical displays of the statistical analysis and downloads of data.
WEB Base Friendly User interface Tool
PKPDBIOS enables users to upload data file, review, select, calculation data just by "clicks" on web browser.
Services & Support

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